• Biotek Arté Handpiece

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    Biotek Arté Handpiece
    Biotek Arté Handpiece
    Biotek Arté Handpiece
    Biotek Arté Handpiece

    Product Characteristics:

    Biotek have created a handpiece that’s incredibly powerful, yet so slender and lightweight you almost forget it’s in your hand. A handpiece that allows you to create amazing enhancements with minor trauma to the skin

    Custom-engineered with zero tolerance in mind - the needle can move up and down without sideways fluctuation. So it’s easier than ever to create the finest of hair strokes in fast procedure times

    Since every detail counts the Arté's high-resistant connection system permits 360 degrees rotation preventing the wiring from breaking with use


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    Advanced Brows

    Advance your technique

    Our Advanced Hair Stroke Brow Class will take your hair strokes to the next level. You’ll be creating natural looking brows in a variety of hair growth patterns.

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