My first experience of semi permanent makeup

Posted by Alex Rose on 12th Sept 2016.

When I first started working at Natural Enhancement’s Permanent Makeup London Clinic, it never even crossed my mind that I would have a treatment myself.

But after being in the office for only a few weeks and understanding more about semi permanent makeup, I started thinking more and more about having an enhancement. Plus I'd learnt that every one of my colleagues wore semi permanent makeup too.

Decisions, decisions

What treatment should I choose? What colour should I have? Would it hurt? - I had so many questions.

I talked to friends and family and was surprised at how many of them either knew someone who had received a treatment or had experienced semi permanent makeup themselves. So after more research and seeing real life results every day with the clients who visited the clinic for treatment, I was sold. I was going to have a semi permanent lipstick treatment! Eeeekkkkkkkkk!

What is a semi permanent  make up treatment like?

With my sensitivity test and medical forms all completed I was ready to go - and yes I was nervous, but knew I was in safe hands and had reassurance from my colleagues.

Stylist Jasmine was carring out my treatment and during my consultation we chatted about what I wanted my enhancement to look like and selected the best colour for me - Biolip 42. Even though I work for Natural Enhancement and had a good understanding of the treatment she explained everything in detail ensuring I understood all the stages of the procedure and the aftercare process.

So there I was laying on the treatment couch, ready with the template carefully drawn and my lips nice and numb! YAY!

Jasmine starting to do what she does best and I was so pleasantly surprised at how little it hurt. She was so gentle and throughout the procedure I barely felt a thing. The treatment took 2 hours in total and included the consultation, pigment application and aftercare advice. When Jasmine had completed the procedure I was delighted with my lips - I absolutely loved them! They were a little swollen and slightly red but that was to be expected.

My enhancement took 4 days to heal and I kept applying the complimentary aftercare balm as my lips felt a little dry and tight. I had chosen the lip contour definer and blush shading treatment and my lips healed really well. 4 weeks later I had the refill treatment to ensure my enhancement was absolutely perfect.

Am I happy with the new me?

I can honestly say I would recommend anyone to have a semi permanent lipstick enhancement, as the difference it has made to everyday life is indescribable. I can wake up and not worry about applying lip cosmetics and still my lips look great - but naturally. If I feel like wearing a different colour or shade, I can apply a different lipstick.

Another amazing advantage is on the rare occasions when I do want to wear lip cosmetics the're so easy to apply because I have a subtle, perfectly shaped outline to follow.

Want to know what a real client thinks?

Melanie, the owner of Pamper Pages, recently visited us for a treatment. You can read about her experience by clicking here and here.

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