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Preparing for Your First Microblading Session

So, you have heard about microblading and fancy ditching the pencil for an easier, more natural-looking brow. After booking your appointment and discussing any concerns with your beauty therapist, it's time to prepare for your treatment. See Is Microblading Right for You?

There are several rules to follow to make sure your microblading experience is positive and you get the results you're looking for. Before your appointment, it's important that you:

What to expect from your treatment

Firstly, your beauty therapist will discuss which shape you'd like for your brows. If you haven't had much luck with drawing your ideal shape, or your eyebrows have suffered over-plucking, your beautician will help. They will measure your new brow shape based on your face structure for the most natural look. Your ideal shape will be based on several measurements using a specialised protractor-like tool, but you will have the final say on their recommendation.

Before any microblading can take place, your beauty therapist will thread your eyebrows to remove any excess hairs. For those of you who are unfamiliar with threading, it is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in Asia. A piece of thread coated in anti-bacterial wax is twisted to create a small loop which pulls out the hairs directly from the follicles.

Although microblading isn't a painful process, it can cause some discomfort, so numbing cream is used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. The cream is applied to your eyebrows and the surrounding area and left for up to 40 minutes. During this time, you can discuss which colour/shade you'd prefer and what your beautician recommends.

Once you and your therapist are satisfied that the cream is working its magic, the microblading can start. The numbing cream should go a long way to ensuring that you don't feel too much discomfort, but you may experience a light scratching sensation. If you feel that you need more numbing cream, just ask your beautician. The whole process should take around two hours.

As with having your eyebrows tinted, the initial colour will appear much darker than expected immediately after microblading. However, this will fade to your desired colour within 10 days, so don't panic!

Looking after your new eyebrows

Much like a tattoo, your eyebrows will form small scabs during the healing process. This is completely normal. It's important not to pick at your brows - no matter how tempted you might be - and allow them to heal naturally.


Wash your eyebrows every morning and evening with water and antibacterial soap and gently pat them dry. Don't worry, this won't remove the pigment. If your eyebrows feel irritated, try using coconut oil before bed. For optimum results, it's advised that you avoid the following:

Roughly 6-8 weeks after your first treatment, you'll be invited back for a top-up session to fill in any gaps where the colour hasn't settled correctly.

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“I thought my brows were over plucked and a little sparse, so I had to fill them in every morning. I had a 3D brow tattoo by a very friendly stylist at Natural Enhancement. Now no more filling in! I have perfectly shaped brows into the bargain. ” Stacey Carter
“I am completely taken back by how natural and beautiful my new eyebrows are. After years of feeling so self-conscious, I now feel more confident. The best money I think I have ever spent, thank you Jasmine.”Josie White
“I am in love with my new eyebrows – a few hair strokes and they have been transformed. Polly’s attention to detail, patience and professionalism were amazing and I appreciate all the work. - Thanks so much. ” Lucy Jacobs
“My stylist reshaped my brows to match my complexion and lifted my entire face – people tell me how I look much younger. ” Hannah Miller
“I've just got back from having my eyebrows tattooed by your stylist Kim and I am absolutely thrilled. It's my 3rd time having them done with you and it's definitely made a huge difference to my face.” Deborah Golton
“Emily did my semi-permanent eyebrows and she has done a fantastic job, I am so happy with them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone as she takes the time to make sure you are 100% happy with the finished result and does an excellent job.” Sarah Jones
“Jasmine’s work is unbelievable – she was so precise, definitely a perfectionist. Can't recommend her enough, I am a very happy customer. An unbelievable job that has taken years off my face! ” Sophie Mitchell
“I’ve just had the hair stroke brow treatment here and I love how natural, but bold they are. The entire team were such a delight to meet, all professional and empathetic. I can’t recommend this clinic enough.” Rachael Martyn
“I am truly happy and ecstatic with the results; my eyebrows are now perfectly shaped and enhance my face shape. I have already recommended to my friends and family. ” Julie Putnam

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