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Natural Enhancement has over 12 years of experience that has enabled us to develop unique techniques and leading solutions for our natural eyebrow tattoo treatments. Our extensive research and development has allowed us to truly create the ideal permanent makeup treatment for each individual client that visits our London clinic.

Natural Eyebrow Tattoo treatments allow us to subtle improves or truly enhances the appearance of your eyebrows. We can revitalise your appearance as well as saving you time in the future during your beauty regime. Understand our microblading treatments.

Our leading eyebrow tattoo treatments allow us to enhance your brows. Whether over-plucking, age or thyroid disturbances, we can help. Natural Enhancement has an experienced team of technicians who will be able to address any thin, patchy or non-existent eyebrows.

Our consultation is designed to plan the perfect natural eyebrow tattoo treatment. Tattooed brows allow us to create perfectly formed, balanced eyebrows. We’ll be able to expertly apply the correct brow arch which will truly rejuvenate your natural, beautiful appearance. Find out more.

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“I’ve just had the hair stroke brow treatment here and I love how defined, but natural looking they are. The entire team were such a delight to meet, all professional and empathetic. I can’t recommend this clinic enough.”Rachael Martyn

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Don’t just take our word for it…

“I thought my brows were over plucked and a little sparse, so I had to fill them in every morning. I had a 3D brow tattoo by a very friendly stylist at Natural Enhancement. Now no more filling in! I have perfectly shaped brows into the bargain. ” Stacey Carter
“I am completely taken back by how natural and beautiful my new eyebrows are. After years of feeling so self-conscious, I now feel more confident. The best money I think I have ever spent, thank you Jasmine.”Josie White
“I am in love with my new eyebrows – a few hair strokes and they have been transformed. Polly’s attention to detail, patience and professionalism were amazing and I appreciate all the work. - Thanks so much. ” Lucy Jacobs
“My stylist reshaped my brows to match my complexion and lifted my entire face – people tell me how I look much younger. ” Hannah Miller
“I've just got back from having my eyebrows tattooed by your stylist Kim and I am absolutely thrilled. It's my 3rd time having them done with you and it's definitely made a huge difference to my face.” Deborah Golton
“Emily did my semi-permanent eyebrows and she has done a fantastic job, I am so happy with them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone as she takes the time to make sure you are 100% happy with the finished result and does an excellent job.” Sarah Jones
“Jasmine’s work is unbelievable – she was so precise, definitely a perfectionist. Can't recommend her enough, I am a very happy customer. An unbelievable job that has taken years off my face! ” Sophie Mitchell
“I’ve just had the hair stroke brow treatment here and I love how natural, but bold they are. The entire team were such a delight to meet, all professional and empathetic. I can’t recommend this clinic enough.” Rachael Martyn
“I am truly happy and ecstatic with the results; my eyebrows are now perfectly shaped and enhance my face shape. I have already recommended to my friends and family. ” Julie Putnam

Do microblading eyebrows hurt? 

Microblading is a technique which achieves natural looking brows, with results that last for months. Using their brow know-how and a handheld tool our stylists insert pigment into the skin, creating fine, hair-like strokes to form your new brows. See pros and cons.

Before this process begins, your stylist will apply a numbing agent to ensure any discomfort is kept to a minimum. We monitor you throughout the procedure checking to see if you’re in any discomfort and take the necessary steps to ensure you’re comfortable. See more information.

The cost of an eyebrow tattoo

Whether you refer to the treatment as a natural eyebrow tattoo, hair stroke eyebrows or 3D brows, the results are a must-have investment in your appearance. Prices.

  • You can get beautiful looking brows that improve your looks for as little as £350. Book your appointment.
  • As part of the service we offer complimentary aftercare products and a tune-up appointment in which we retouch your brows to ensure you’re delighted with the result.
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Tattooed eyebrows healing process – our aftercare promise

  1. Typically, for tattooed brows there are 3 stages of healing. To begin with, you may experience minimal redness and skin sensitivity; these side effects are normal and should only last for a few hours.
  2. Initially your new brows may seem darker and thicker than you were expecting, but again this is normal. The top layer will begin to ‘fade away’ after a week. Once this has happened the exposed pigment will begin to soften to how we initially planned. See before and after photos
  3. Generally, after a month you’ll revisit the Natural Enhancement clinic for a touch up treatment during which, your stylist will go over the tattoo to fix any imperfections  - all included within the original price. From here, your eyebrows should last on average 12-24 months.
  4. We also provide complimentary aftercare products. See our microblading reviews.

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