Medical tattooing courses


Medical tattooing courses

Learn the advanced micropigmentation techniques required to create aesthetic solutions for people affected by medical issues.

Our range of medical tattooing courses help qualified technicians to work with patients affected by scarring, scalp coverage issues and those in need of areola restoration and pigmentation.

The Natural Enhancement training academy has successfully trained more than 1,200 technicians in the art of micropigmentation, and has led medical micropigmentation programmes within the NHS.

“They noticed everything and all my tiny mistakes were picked up and sorted out straight away”Naomi

Areola Restoration and Re-pigmentation Course

For trained technicians who want to offer areola restoration and re-pigmentation services

As part of the breast reconstruction process following mastectomy, the areola and nipple complex can be restored using specialist medical micropigmentation techniques that create the optical illusion of a 3-dimensional complex.

Scarring and areola asymmetries from the surgical procedures of breast reduction (mammoplasty) and uplift (mastopexy) can also be visually improved through the implantation of custom blended pigments that restore the shape of the areola and disguise the scarring. Micropigmentation techniques can also support the feminisation of areolae for gender reassignment patients through enlargement.

The 1-day course covers topics like:

  • Setting up your own medical tattooing practice
  • Networking with surgeons
  • The preliminary consultation
  • The colour selection process
  • Pain control and numbing
  • Understanding mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries
  • Micropigmentation techniques for areola and nipple reconstruction following breast cancer
  • Micropigmentation techniques for enhancing areolae following breast uplift and breast reduction surgery
  • Micropigmentation areola techniques for gender reassignment patients

Areola Restoration and Re-pigmentation Course £1,000 + vat

Scar Camouflage Course

For trained technicians who want to offer micropigmentation and micro-needling services to visually improve the appearance of hypo-chromic scars, skin grafts, burns and vitiligo.

The 1-day course covers topics like:

  • Setting up your own medical tattooing practice
  • Networking with surgeons
  • The preliminary consultation
  • The colour selection process
  • Techniques for camouflaging hypo-pigmented scars by means of micropigmentation and micro-needling
  • Relaxation and chromatic camouflaging of burns through micropigmentation and micro-needling
  • Micropigmentation techniques for skin graft and vitiligo re-pigmentation

Scar Camouflage Course £1,000 + vat

Scalp Micropigmentation Course

Learn how to use advanced micropigmentation techniques to give hair transplant patients and woman with thinning hair the illusion of denser hair growth, and camouflage post-transplant scarring.

This 1-day course will teach you:

  • The technique of adding pixels of pigment to the scalp to create the appearance of hair growth
  • Shading in scars or bald areas to camouflage their appearance

Topics covered include:

  • Hair transplant surgeries
  • Hair loss in females
  • The consultation process
  • Assessing treatment sites and whether patients are suitable for the procedure
  • Scalp micropigmentation procedure and techniques
  • Selecting the correct colour
  • Which needles to use for follicle simulation
  • Aftercare advice
  • Colour boost procedures
  • Learners must provide their own models.

1-day Course: £1,000 + VAT
2-day Course: £2,000 + VAT

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