Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup - creating a subtle look that makes a big statement

Wake up feeling confident with the look you love, day after day. Our stylists will work with your features to create a long-lasting look that can make you look younger – and save you time in front of the mirror every day.

“My lip colour is just perfect and the shape is a huge improvement. They look really lovely!”Janet - lip blush

Are you living up to your full brow potential?

Your brows have the power to make the greatest visual impact on your facial appearance – more than any other feature. With a subtle mist of colour or ultra-fine, precisely drawn strokes that mimic individual hairs, you’ll have the appearance of fuller, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows. A look that’s both long-lasting and feels incredibly natural.

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Get kiss-proof lips

Have kiss-proof, fuller-looking, youthful lips – and take the effort out of repeatedly applying lip makeup. Select a blush of colour to tint your lips, perfect your lip shape and discreetly enhance your lipline, making you look younger and more attractive.

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Eyeliner that won’t run – even when you do

Never fight another smudge with precisely applied eyeliner that won’t smear, streak or run. This treatment subtly defines your eyes, accentuating their colour and making them look bigger. Choose the effect that suits your style, from a understated lash definer to an ultra-thick flick.

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Micropigmentation for men

A subtle boost to your natural look. Smarten up your brows, discreetly define your eyes or give your profile a lift with extra definition. Look younger, fresher and more attractive – without any obvious change to your appearance.

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Had a bad experience? Tried permanent makeup before, and not got the result you wanted? If you’ve had a bad experience somewhere else, we can colour-correct, lighten or improve.

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