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Why there’s nothing quite like Biotek

Biotek is a world leader in permanent makeup technology and technique, with a heritage that stretches back 30 years. In 2015 it invested millions in expanding its research and manufacturing facility, and continues to develop state-of-the-art permanent makeup technologies and cutting-edge industry education programmes. We use the latest Biotek technology in virtually all our courses.

A global network of talent

Biotek’s two academies in Milan and Rome and its many certified schools around the world provide the assurance that its specialists are trained to the highest international standards.

And by continually sharing best-practice techniques and application methods around the globe, Biotek’s world-class professionals can keep technicians up to date with this ever-changing industry.

So wherever you practise in the world, you can use professional devices, needles and pigments backed by a system that consistently delivers to the highest international standards of quality and consistency.

Biotek permanent makeup machine - the next generation of micropigmentation technology

With its meticulous attention to detail and relentless drive for excellence, Biotek has developed the next generation of permanent makeup technology.

The Biotek Arté

With its unparalleled functionality, aesthetic design and smart use of high-tech materials, the Biotek permanent makeup machine is expertly engineered for both aesthetic and medical tattooing procedures. Here are 5 reasons we love it:

Power and precision

Arté’s powerful micro-motor propels needles into skin effortlessly and with optimum precision. That means minimal skin trauma, so minimal discomfort for your clients - plus the ability to create the finest hair strokes currently possible.

Fully equipped for resistant skin

Responsive digital technologies intuitively feel resistance in the skin and automatically increase the Arté’s needle pushing-power, as well as maintaining a constant needle speed. All this adds up to an unparalleled intensity of colour in the skin, and faster treatment times and fewer retouches too.

You’re pre-set for success

From hair strokes through to soft shading, 9 pre-set programs automatically adjust Biotek's permanent makeup machine into the best mode for creating a specific effect – making it easier for beginners to pigment like a pro. And if you’re more experienced and want to adjust the settings to suit your personal style manual mode is also available.

Designed with versatility in mind

Some permanent makeup machines are best for creating solid lines and others for shading. Biotek's permanent makeup machine is designed to achieve both with optimum results – allowing you to experience creative freedom you never thought possible.

The Arté's dermograph is slender and lightweight

So it’s comfortable to hold and very easy to control – just as easy as writing with a pen.

BioResistent pigment series

Two series of pigments make up the BioResistent range:
BioResistent Active for aesthetic treatments, and BioResistent Clinik for medical micro-pigmentation procedures. We love them because...

They’re efficient and effective

The pigments are easy to implant, with fast application and healing times - and give excellent colour retention in the skin.

They’re resistant to colour change and long-lasting

BioResistent’s exclusive anti-UV coating process and BioCover technology deliver prolonged life in the skin and stable colour.

They meet the highest safety and non-toxicity standards:

  • The pigments are produced using sterile, pathogen-free processes in laboratories with an approval ISO 9001 quality process rating for ‘clean production’
  • Adherence to European Resolution ResAP (2008) 1 requirements and CE certified
  • Rigorous and continuous clinical testing regime at every stage of product development
  • All known allergens and intolerance triggers avoided

Rouge Intense pigments

Rouge Intense represent real news in lip colours. They’re made with organics in a formulation that allows you to obtain two different results when applied in different ways.

  • If applied with flat needles you can achieve bright results with a suggestion of sheen
  • If applied with round needles you can get intense, saturated results that are really and long-lasting

Therefore, a range of colours with the dual personality:

  • Bright with a suggestion of sheen
  • Intense and long lasting if applied in saturation

Biotek Arté needle collection

Now you have more ways than ever to unleash your creativity, thanks to the extensive array of liner, round shader, flat, magnum and extra-colour configurations. We love them because...

You get a vast range of options

With a variety of needle models, the creative possibilities are endless.

They minimise discomfort for your clients

Made from the stainless steel typically used in medical implants, each needle tip smoothly penetrates the skin, and the silver-soldered needle configurations don’t spread apart on entry – so minimising discomfort.

Your clients are in safe hands

Biotek needle cartridges are CE Class and sterilised using gamma irradiation. Internal diaphragms prevent body fluids and airborne contaminants entering the dermograph, so protecting against cross-infection. And the needle automatically retracts when detached, preventing any needle-stick accidents.

They’re quick and simple to use

The needle cartridge clicks on and off the Artés dermograph, making it very fast and easy to use.

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