Semipermanentlip liner


Semi permanent lip liner - you can't kiss off

Have full, natural-looking defined lips and enhance your natural lip colour - or go bolder with a fabulous intense shade that gives the look of permanent lipstick.

Over time, lips can lose volume and definition - and the corners of your smile can start to drop. Fortunately, the artistic skill of our semi permanent makeup stylists can help correct these signs of ageing, restoring lost colour, outline definition - and your smile.

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“My lip colour is just perfect and the shape is a huge improvement. They look really lovely!”Janet

Choose your treatment

All our semi permanent lipstick treatments include a tune-up procedure and your aftercare products…

Natural Lip Contour Definer

Subtly re-define the contour of your lips – and even correct slight irregularities.

Natural Contour Definer With Lip Blush Shading Effect

Discreet contouring that defines your lips, with blush shading distributed partially through the lip to give the illusion of volume and a colour that’s in harmony with your natural colourings.

Natural Lip Contour Definer and Full Lip Tint

Saturates the lips with colour – in a natural or super-intense shade. Subtly defines your lip contour and infuses colour completely throughout your lips.

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What to expect...

How long does it take?

A semi permanent lipstick treatment can take up to 2.5 hours, depending on which lip procedure you choose.

What happens during a treatment?

You’ll have a consultation where we’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking for, including the colour and shape. And we’ll take pictures before and after so you can see the amazing differences.

Your stylist will infuse the colour into your skin using a pen-like device, carefully shading your lips with tiny doses of pigment that are deposited below the skin’s surface to create your new lip contour or blush.

Will it hurt?

A numbing agent is applied to your lips beforehand. Throughout the treatment the technician will ask if you’re comfortable and adjust as needed.

What kind of training will the stylist have?

All our stylists have extensive training, proven creative flair, and are fully certified and insured.

Will I be able to go back to work straight afterwards?

Yes. Initially you’ll look as if you’re wearing heavy lipstick, which will then gradually fade over the next few days. There may be a little swelling and redness directly after the treatment too.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes – a complimentary tune-up and aftercare products are included with your treatment.

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