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Getting appropriate schooling that provides you with the life-long skills to set you on your microblading career pathway is without a doubt, tremendously important.

Equally your certificate of achievement must be compliant with licensing and insurer’s requirements - not only today, but also into the future.

Enrol On Our Level 4 Microblading Course

Accredited Microblading Training In The UK

That’s exactly why the qualification we offer is the VTCT Level 4 Certificate In Enhancing Eyebrows With Microblading Techniques, which is registered on the Regulated Qualification Framework and regulated by the Government organisation Ofqual.

View Microblading Course On Ofqual.gov.uk.


Microblading Training in a Series of 6 Modules

To attain the broad-range of skills required to succeed as a microblading artist, our beginner microblading course is presented in a modular structure - and over a number of months. Only in this format will you have the ability to gain a good appreciation of eyebrow artistry, to develop your creative-aptitude and learn the business skills you’ll need to promote and market your work.



You’ll begin by accessing our online microblading course through our web-based platform

There you’ll find 16 tutorials for easy and engaging learning


Academy-Based Learning

Next you’ll start your practical-focused training at our West London academy


Home-Based Learning

Then you’ll progress the new skills you’ve learnt with practice exercises, which you’ll upload onto our virtual-learning portal - for continued tutoring and feedback


Academy-Based Learning

Next you’ll refine everything you’ve learnt to date, by working with models in our academy clinic


Case-Study Learning

You’ve mastered the disciplines required to become a microblade eyebrow artist - now it’s all about strengthening your skills and building your confidence


Assessment & Evaluation

You’re ready for us to assess your knowledge and as part of this process, we offer you the opportunity to take a mock exam with your trainer, prior to you being examined by the VTCT Level 4 assessor.


What You’ll Learn On Our Beginners Microblading Course

Check out our course outline for detailed information about the course content and structure, plus what you should expect throughout your training and beyond.

View Our Course Outline

People take Microblade Courses with us because…


We’ve been at the forefront of micro-pigmentation since 2004

Our CEO Tracey Simpson, is one of the most internationally-recognised, expert technician and educators in the industry.


Learn from our creative-talent

Our inspirational trainers are talented and experienced in both microblading and tutoring – we’re Natural Enhancement so we wouldn’t have it any other way!


There’s nothing quite like Biotek

You’ll be working with Biotek products because we use the latest Biotek technologies in all of our courses – after all Biotek is a world-leader in micro-pigmentation technology with an industry presence that goes back 30 years.


Small groups

Our classes are small group environments, which means you’ll get plenty of contact with your microblading trainer on a more individual scale.


Career-focused mentoring

Throughout your microblading course we continually assess your performance - and we’re here to mentor and support. That’s face-to-face, by phone or email and through our virtual-learning platform.


Business opportunities begin with flexible-learning

Start with our Biotek Microblading course for beginners which covers the fundamental concepts to become a microblade brow artist. Then if you’re motivated to aim higher by broadening your repertoire to include eyes and lips or medical specialty you can join our programme of digital-technique courses. See our courses


High-tech learning space

We present our microblading courses in a purpose build learning-facility - and using the latest education technologies so you can benefit from an enhanced learning experience.

Microblading Kits For Learning And Creating

To partner our training your microblade course fees include the Biotek Just Essentials Kit, full of incredible Biotek microblades and pigments to help you learn, create and get your career off to a promising start.

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Learn Microblading

Our comprehensive end-to-end microblading course includes:

The fees for the Level 4 Certificate In Enhancing Eyebrows With Microblading Techniques including the Biotek Just Essentials Kit are £4,060 inc. vat


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