5 reasons you should
become a microblade artist


Why train as a Microblade artist?

Master the art of beautifully realistic eyebrow shapes that London women are asking for.

5 Reasons you want to Train as a Microblade Artist in London

All microblading courses are taught by internationally recognised Permanent Make-up Artist Tracey Simpson. The Natural Enhancement Training Academy in London works both with small groups that include 1:1 advanced tuition with their student trainees within their flagship course.

All courses are held at our main training centre near Kew Bridge close to the tube. Enquire today.

Gain confidence: Become a qualified Microblading Artist in London

They offer their beauty students first-class skills of microblading and their years of extensive knowledge surrounding the makeup industry. Microblading artist.

"When a trainee achieves the required competencies to qualify for certification and only does so due to the hard work both she and myself have put into getting her there, the feeling of achievement is incredible." Tracey Simpson - Founder.

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“The online learning is an excellent idea as I had technique videos to look back on, strengthening everything I had learnt." Janine

5 reasons you should become a microblade artist

1. Opportunities to earn significant income from becoming a professional

Indulge in the excitement of being in the beauty industry as a microblading artist. One of the highest paying jobs in the beauty industry.

The average price in the UK for microblading is £480, meaning if you perform just 3 treatments a day, you can earn an astonishing £1,440, that's £7,200 a week! The financial benefits are huge. You have the freedom to take the path that you want in your career as an artist.

2. One of the most popular treatments

Did you know that microblading now makes up approx. 79% of semi-permanent makeup treatments? Brows are big business. Eyebrows are one of the most important features, so it is no wonder people are keen to have their eyebrows perfected. Microblading will save you having to apply eyebrow products every morning.

3. WOW factor confidence boosting skills for your customers

The instant confidence, the huge smiles and the ability to make somebody feel naturally beautiful are what being a microblading artist is all about. You want your clients to feel the passion you have for your work.

Using your skills, expertise and knowledge to transform your customer's eyebrows by creating a stunning shape that they can feel great with, is the biggest reward of being a Microblade artist. Before + after photos.

4. Train with NE and become recognised by top insurers

Our specialist microblading courses are recognised by the best insurers. This means you will be able to kick-start your career once you have qualified from our training academy. Our tutors give you the business skills needed to promote your artistry work.

You must attain the correct licenses to trade as a microblading artist.

5. Work anywhere in the world

There is no better career to be in than the beauty industry. The amazing benefits, flexible hours and the money earned are just some of the advantages of training in this sector.

Microblading is taking the world by storm and is more popular than ever. People worldwide are investing in beautiful, new brows using the microblade technique, so you'll never be out of business.

The Natural Enhancement certificate in microblading is recognised by international insurers.


The price of our beginners microblading course is £2,535 exc. vat


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What will you learn?

Our tutors cover everything you need to feel confident as a microblade artist. Find out about microblading training.

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