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We come into work every day because we’re passionate. Passionate about our work, our research, and most importantly you. When you walk through our doors you’ll be treated by stylists who are permanent makeup artists, not just technicians.

After 12 years’ experience, our techniques have evolved into concept treatments, formed by our extensive research & development and our continuing professional education. When you choose us, you’ll receive bespoke enhancements which are tailor-made to complement your unique skin tone and features, for a look that’s both attractive and natural.

Our gifted creative team of stylists are experienced across all aspects of permanent makeup, and have built up their skills through state-of-the art training. And you’ll always be assigned the member of staff who best fits your needs.

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Our talent…


creative director and founder

An authority over a wide range of micro-pigmentation disciplines Tracey is one of the most influential, internationally-recognised expert technicians, educators and innovators in the industry. With 18 years permanent makeup know-how and enthusiastically passionate about her craft, she’s very hands on – mentoring stylists, creating enhancements and advancing techniques for the industry.


creative stylist

After qualifying in permanent makeup and medical micro-pigmentation, under the direction of our founder and creative director, Jasmine debuted her talent 2 years ago. Brimming with artistic creativity and makeup artistry know-how she creates amazing enhancements. She’s also entered our Train-the-Trainer Programme to allow her to apply her skills at trainer level. This is a name to watch!


creative stylist

Polly has a wealth of experience, with some 10 years in the permanent makeup industry, having worked in Spain, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and nationwide throughout the UK. Polly specialises in latino eyeliner, 3D eyebrows and and ombre eyebrows.


creative stylist

Innovative in his creativity, Seb brings 4 years of permanent makeup know-how to the table. From a family of successful artists and sculptors he grew up in a creative environment and went on to educate in fine art illustration. He joined our team of stylists after attending our London-based academy where we spotted his artistic talents.

Emily S

creative stylist

With 7 years experience in permanent makeup, plus a strong understanding of facial aesthetics and anti-ageing technologies, Emily’s approach to our treatments is ‘make subtle changes that optimise looks’. In addition to her current position with us Emily is studying dentistry at Kings College London.


creative stylist

Permanent makeup was a natural advancement for Kim, with her 15 years experience in the beauty industry and a passion for art and fashion. Now, with 2 treatment packed years behind her she loves a challenging set of brows as this gives her the opportunity to show off her true artistic talent.

Emily H

creative stylist

Having studied fine art and beauty therapy, Emily decided to persue her enthusiasm for cosmetics and art by attending our semi permanent makeup school back in 2010. Since qualifiying she’s built herself a name in the industry, with clients loving her treatment style and her attention to detail.

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